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    Our Mission To Conduct Paranormal Investigations and gain knowledge as well as evidence of Paranormal phenomena. This group is now an official club at Old Dominion University and will definitely be the best! Our History and Experience The O...  more
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    The Denver Paranormal Group (a.k.a DPG) was started May, 2009 by founders Randy Cathcart and Jeremiah Senteney. Both have a shared interest in hauntings and paranormal activity. Some of our members have had significant personal encounters with the paran...  more
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    Haunted Like Me is a toll free telephone help line available 24 hours a day to people that have paranormal related questions and issues. The caller can remain as anonymous as they wish both in their call or visit to our site. In this group we will post qu...  more
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    This is the It's Haunted home for open discussions about what The American Paranormal Association can do for you and the paranormal community.
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    A small, educated team located in Locust Grove, Orange County, Virginia. We cover all of Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland. We have also taken cases in North Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and West Virginia with advance notice. (www.ora...  more
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    Green funerals are the Earth's Natural way of burial. This group is for learning about how funerary customs of today differ from how a Green Funeral can help the environment by the use of everything biodegradable and earth friendly. Green funerals ar...  more
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    Come on in. Its time to party down and get to know everyone. Everyone is welcome. Hell we can party all winter. Grab a beer and get smashed. Anything and everything goes. So come on people. Stop hiding in the shadows and party do...  more
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    I will be posting American Indian related links and pictures here. Sister Sage is taking requests for topics for this group. Add in your request in the comment section and within a week I will try to locate the requested information/pictures/links. Wal...  more
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    The founders of the RCPS Family of great paranormal investigation teams across the United States. Our website is located at
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    Got something on your mind? News headlines, sports, science, politics, guilty conscience, or maybe a concern about something odd you found in a crevice of your body? This is a place to discuss Stuff About Other Things and Nonsense that are probably not pa...  more